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Anabolic Prime Pro 2kg

Anabolic Prime Pro 2kg
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 Anabolic Prime Pro 4.4lbs

The composition of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRIME-PRO is a well thought out composition of two forms of complete whey proteins. The combination of high quality hydrolysate and concentrate with different digestion kinetics makes the product capable of ensuring heterogeneous release of amino acids and heterogeneous access to nutritional values. The product allows you to prepare an extremely tasty high-protein shake, which can be used as a valuable form of supplementing a daily diet with essential proteins and amino acids. The supplement contains added phosphorus and calcium. The preparation is characterized by impeccable dissolvability and extremely refined flavour variants.

What are the advantages of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRIME-PRO ingredients?

Valuable combination of two forms of whey protein - hydrolysate (WPH) and concentrate (WPC)
Convenient and comfortable source of high quality proteins - each serving contains up to 22.5g of protein
Protein supports muscle growth and maintenance, especially in recreational and professional athletes[1,2,3]
Protein contributes to maintaining healthy bones[3,4]
Rapidly absorbed milk proteins may be beneficial for reducing muscle fatigue caused by intense strength training[5]
High amino acid content - each shake provides up to 5.5g of BCAA essential amino acid complex
Phosphorus and calcium help maintain healthy bones and teeth and contribute to a normal energy metabolism[3]
Calcium is beneficial for maintaining normal nerve transmission and supports normal muscle function[3]

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