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Levrone GOLD Creatine

Levrone GOLD Creatine
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Serving Size : 5g

Serving Per Container : 60

  Pure creatine monohydrate - problem-free solubility and natural taste allow you to use the product as an addition to e.g. protein supplements, gainers or pre-training products

  Regular supplementation with creatine contributes to an increase in physical performance during short-term and intensive exercise[1,2,3]

  Creatine may prove important for a number of issues related to physical activity including fatigue reduction and glycogen resynthesis[3]

 Some scientific work indicates that creatine may exhibit antioxidant potential[4]

 Some studies indicate that the use of creatine during strength training promotes increased lean muscle mass and strength[5,6]

  Vitamin B6 supports normal nervous system function, maintenance of optimal energy metabolism, and reduction of feelings of fatigue[2]

  Vitamin B6 contributes to normal glycogen metabolism[2]

  Vitamin B6 has a beneficial effect on regulation of hormonal activity[2]

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