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Serving Size : 2 Scoop

Serving Per Container : 30

Over 390 valuable calories in a single serving – ideal for people building mass and shaping a muscular physique

As much as 30 g of a high-class protein complex –  a well-thought-out composition of as many as 5 different forms of protein with various kinetics of absorption –  heterogeneous rate of release of amino acids and nutrients

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and helps maintain a healthy bone structure[1,2,3,4]

Complete protein – rich in up to 8g of BCAA complex – exogenous amino acids can help in protein synthesis process and reduce the consequences of strenuous physical activity[1,5,6,7]

Carbohydrates can be valuable for proper muscle function, e.g. by affecting glycogen resynthesis after intensive workouts[1,4,8]

Creatine helps to increase physical performance during short-term and intense exercise and may be beneficial in the context of body composition gains[1,4,9,10]

L-glutamine is recognized as an amino acid that may prove to be a valuable support for improved performance and endogenous synthesis of L-cytrulline[11,12]

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