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Myprotein L Carnitine 180 tab

Myprotein L Carnitine 180 tab
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  • Model: Myprotein L Carnitine 180 tab

Serving Size : 2 Tab

Serving Per Container : 90

Key Benefits

1000mg L-Carnitine

Synthesised in the liver

High level in tissues that use fatty acids as energy

Our L-Carnitine tablets are ideal for anyone looking for an easy-to-consume source of carnitine that can be taken during the day. It’s an amino acid, which occurs naturally in protein, and helps to grow and maintain muscle.1 These tablets are fantastic for vegans and vegetarians, as carnitine normally comes from eating red meat.

Regardless of your fitness goals, carnitine is an important addition to your regimen. Boasting 500mg of carnitine per tablet, your healthy balanced diet will be supported throughout the day.

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