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Aolikes Wrist Support

Aolikes Wrist Support
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2Pcs Aolikes Sport Elastic Bandage For The Wrist Brace Support Fitness Bodybuilding Hand Wraps Wrist Guard Strap Tennis Wristband Gym

  • Fixed wrists in suppressing the movements and exercises for arms now eliminate pain during exercise form, thus enabling work with higher weights.
  • Corsets are self-adhesive; you can quickly download after each completed batch.
  • It is very important to use at higher weights to prevent damage to the joints and tendons in order to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum.
  • Wrist wraps elasticized doesn’t interfere with circulation.
  • They are known as wrist wraps, serve to provide support and stability wrists when lifting heavy weights for the different presses or in Olympic weightlifting.

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